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[旅遊景點] Davao City, philippines

! t0 ]: W$ a  T9 i; ]* ~Davao has the idyllic charm of a small town, the sophisticated comforts of a modern metropolis, the best of both worlds – a destination that does not only promise leisure, escapades or profitable ventures but most importantly, a warm feeling of being home.
. k% Z' ^; g. b6 ?$ T7 qwww2.tvboxnow.comThe beautiful city of Davao is surrounded by picture-perfect landscapes. Also known as Dabaw, it is the biggest metropolis in the Philippines in terms of land area. It is also among the country’s most progressive places, yet living there would still afford you the luxury of living in the countryside; thus it is dubbed as the “city of two worlds.”tvb now,tvbnow,bttvb8 J$ z% w7 D8 n" v6 ]2 }  T8 p
Davao is in the southern part of Mindanao and is in the same island as Cagayan de Oro, Iligan and Bukidnon. 公仔箱論壇, a& h# k/ j0 }/ c  n  P: H

. g' C  A+ F* {6 s) b! `/ ctvb now,tvbnow,bttvbWhy Not Go
0 g7 J0 j. C3 i! _: ]6 ~- kwww2.tvboxnow.comIf you want to experience all night fun in street parties, this might not be the perfect place for you to visit. Although there are a number of nice bars in Davao, night life is not a big thing in this city as people prefer to go to parks and farms instead.公仔箱論壇' L4 N' s, a# M7 z

6 M3 p. O; ]' d3 r  W0 h: u, bTVBNOW 含有熱門話題,最新最快電視,軟體,遊戲,電影,動漫及日常生活及興趣交流等資訊。Why Go

- H3 O& i3 }' d7 N5 aTVBNOW 含有熱門話題,最新最快電視,軟體,遊戲,電影,動漫及日常生活及興趣交流等資訊。

Pearl Farm @ Samal Island– A coastal paradise located at the heart of Davao Gulf. A haven to those seeking solace in an unspoiled and natural ambience and to those who are in quest for great adventure and extreme challenges with nature. It’s white and pristine beaches and diverse natural attractions combined with the warmth and hospitality of its people spell out its potential to be a world class ecotourism destination in this part of Southern Mindanao.tvb now,tvbnow,bttvb2 b. i. i" C- D
Photo by Jokojun

( _  s" h0 C1 S: Z- H6 p

  V5 x9 _* \% o/ c3 d$ p6 ~5 swww2.tvboxnow.com

tvb now,tvbnow,bttvb8 j4 R/ w: N. a* M; [5 f% K
Davao is one of the must-see places in the Philippines because it has so much to offer its visitors. From the island treasure known as Pearl Farm in Samal island to the nature trips in its vast collection of farms, mountains, volcanoes and plantations, Davao makes for one very interesting city. It is also noteworthy to know that up to this day, you will still find a very diverse community here, with ethnic tribes and modern people coexisting harmoniously. Thus, you will often find a wide array of arts and crafts such as hand-woven cloths and ethnic beads being sold in market stands.
, V' ?2 g' [! k
9 T/ V$ J) t2 J3 `* L& r( q3 [! t7 V公仔箱論壇Best Time to VisitTVBNOW 含有熱門話題,最新最快電視,軟體,遊戲,電影,動漫及日常生活及興趣交流等資訊。0 p4 }9 \3 _& L) ]1 e

The Kadayawan is a celebration of thanksgiving for the gifts of nature, the wealth of culture, the bounties of harvest and serenity of living. The festival pays tribute to Davao’s artistic, cultural and historical heritage. Exciting events include the search for the “Hiyas sa Kadayawan”, the festival symbol who represents the tribal communities of Davao City, showcase of Mindanawon fashion and floral arts, river festival, indigenous music exhibition, dance competitions, trade fair, food and music parties, street dancing, and floral float parade..  e1 x; h+ E2 ]% b& o/ r. c" P# a
Date: Every 3rd week of August8 f+ ~. x2 p9 q3 q- {8 b
Photo by Belarminoed

* e1 {1 G7 ?6 ~& b/ t0 `+ _& R) ^TVBNOW 含有熱門話題,最新最快電視,軟體,遊戲,電影,動漫及日常生活及興趣交流等資訊。公仔箱論壇6 I$ C- F- H  B: j- F: t

tvb now,tvbnow,bttvb4 o6 y  X7 B. E' m# g. p
Summer time is among the best period to head to Davao. It is said to be “typhoon-free” but it cannot escape rainfalls though they are not really as bad as the rest of the regions. It is advisable to visit the city during cold seasons if you prefer the cool breeze over sweaty sightseeing. Moreover, if you would like to experience how Dabawenyos celebrate their festivals, you might want to go there around the 3rd week of August as this is when they have a week-long celebration for the Kadayawan Festival.
" j( ^; v% O- m2 g
5 D0 z0 ^2 J( k8 ?6 [8 I公仔箱論壇Where to Stay • Marco Polo
1 H; e& i; t5 q! Y% \If you are looking for a great place to stay with a Western flair, Marco Polo is your best bet. You may choose from rooms, suites, continental club rooms and continental executive suite, and signature suites. Every room in this hotel is set with broadband internet connection and other features which are most suitable for business travelers. Marco Polo Davao is located in between Claro M. Recto and Manuel Roxas Avenue. Rates start at $89.0 H* |5 j% [" S/ B6 a
• Bagobo hoteltvb now,tvbnow,bttvb7 y# S4 B* M0 R6 |
If you are looking for a budget hotel, you can stay at the Bagobo Hotel. This place is situated at Gov. Duarte St. The hotel is strategically located in the main commercial, shopping and entertainment area. It has 35 air-con rooms with 24 hour cable TV and hot or cold shower. The room rates ranges from $18 to $42, depending on the type of accommodation.
+ Y5 h2 V4 _/ S- S. N2 t# D公仔箱論壇公仔箱論壇) b$ b$ u6 J6 e; B- x( ~' u4 n
Where & What to Eat
6 z. u6 G  D8 s' u! A• Jack’s ridge
6 F0 p3 P+ y2 O9 Z- u公仔箱論壇The ground where Jack’s Ridge is now located is previously a division of Japanese headquarters where the soldiers retreat to after the World War II ended. Americans arrived in Davao during May 1, 1945 obliging Japanese to head to Matina Hills where they had a superior lookout of the Davao Gulf since that was where the American vessels were anchored. The main restaurant provides Dabawenyo dishes like grilled tuna, pork and chicken inato, kinilaw, sinigang and more. They are located in Shrine Hills,
! q  m3 U- q# }$ R6 \6 @公仔箱論壇• Aphat
+ H7 M9 i2 k1 L  R6 ZTVBNOW 含有熱門話題,最新最快電視,軟體,遊戲,電影,動漫及日常生活及興趣交流等資訊。If you are craving for spare ribs, Aphat is the place for you. Actually you may spend around $32 for buffet and get 7 dishes plus dessert and drinks.
0 e8 h; `$ A# J: C' _% Q6 E4 M公仔箱論壇• Dimsum Diner
$ U- C5 m! a! ]3 m, A8 \Davao city is fortunate enough to be full of restaurants that offer Indian, French, Italian, Japanese and Chinese cuisines. Dimsum Diner has probably the best siomai in the city. If you are not familiar with this Chinese food then it is all the more reason for you to try it. They have many branches in the city, but for your convenience, you can try their restaurants in Agdao and Gaisano Mall.* B& v$ ~0 _' }/ [4 l8 ~

3 @) S- h2 d/ P3 }: T: G公仔箱論壇Nightlife
) V: Z3 e! i4 H& V2 x$ Itvb now,tvbnow,bttvbAs mentioned, nightlife is not big in Davao. Local people prefer dining and picnics. However you can check out The Venue along Jacinto Extension as it is the most frequented party place in the city.TVBNOW 含有熱門話題,最新最快電視,軟體,遊戲,電影,動漫及日常生活及興趣交流等資訊。# F9 q: `$ b: a0 `- _1 U+ L# [% ?
From the article, you mentioned “The Venue” for nightlife. That is old news and “The Venus” and its surrounding compound is dying. The bigger area attracting nightlife is on F. Torres. There are many restaurants, bars, KTV, coffee shops. There are a few popular compounds loaded with locations. An other area is Rizal Street with Rizal Promenade. In Matina there is MTS (Matina Town Square) with lots of places too. – Bruce
! k4 z3 Y/ z& }8 `公仔箱論壇  Z9 [, \/ |* k$ [! Y6 G
My to do List
1 M/ K" |; a$ {/ twww2.tvboxnow.comSamal IslandTVBNOW 含有熱門話題,最新最快電視,軟體,遊戲,電影,動漫及日常生活及興趣交流等資訊。! k% X  q) r3 t2 }9 i$ }
This mysterious and exotic island boasts of sparkling waters and sugary beaches. To get there, you can take a boat ride from the city wharf; the trip is about 45 minutes. People come here mostly to see or stay at the Pearl Farm. It is one of the most sought-after honeymoon destinations in the country.
; ]2 y$ [4 I4 r4 ]. i% vTVBNOW 含有熱門話題,最新最快電視,軟體,遊戲,電影,動漫及日常生活及興趣交流等資訊。PKTan: Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne viral infection which is sometimes complicated by hemorrhage or shock. There is no vaccine. Travelers to Samal Island should protect themselves from mosquito bites by applying repellent and keeping themselves covered. www2.tvboxnow.com* q; P0 q2 Y3 N! w+ i+ C( m* `
TVBNOW 含有熱門話題,最新最快電視,軟體,遊戲,電影,動漫及日常生活及興趣交流等資訊。7 S5 a/ S; S3 R. q+ s5 T) S
TVBNOW 含有熱門話題,最新最快電視,軟體,遊戲,電影,動漫及日常生活及興趣交流等資訊。7 T1 [9 ]/ C) _6 |* H0 c
• Crocodile Farm
7 ?3 R3 D7 W: s/ r9 I. n$ u! q3 x公仔箱論壇Located in Diversion Road, Ma-a, this is the place where you can find a lot of crocodiles and other animals such as snakes and monkeys. Watch out for the biggest crocodile in the country, aptly named “Pangil” which means “fang.”TVBNOW 含有熱門話題,最新最快電視,軟體,遊戲,電影,動漫及日常生活及興趣交流等資訊。: ?# o/ b! q+ W8 ^  X( w6 c
• Philippine Eagle Center
: D+ S9 N7 Q, G1 h1 W4 M公仔箱論壇This place is about an hour away from the city, and you can take a bus ride going there. For a small price of about a dollar per person, you get to see the glorious Philippine Eagles. You can also try Falconry which is one of the highlights of this trip.公仔箱論壇( ]+ Y& G1 c' C7 }; K
• Zip lines0 _2 k+ M  _. q/ X  |( q
There are many zip lines in Davao. There is one where you pay around $8 for the experience at Camp Sabros in Mt. Apo, or you can go to Eden Nature Park, a fantastic mountain resort boasting of a very exciting zip line experience.TVBNOW 含有熱門話題,最新最快電視,軟體,遊戲,電影,動漫及日常生活及興趣交流等資訊。8 |" P, x2 H8 Z  h

www2.tvboxnow.com& W" G. f; E: o) h

Mount Apo is the highest mountain in the country and overlooks Davao City. Its name means “master” or “grandfather”. Mount Apo is one of the most popular climbing destinations in the Philippines, and the summit is easy to reach.
5 _0 R3 {2 W! R) K4 A1 B2 rwww2.tvboxnow.comPhoto by James Torres

4 }' u! m7 S4 P4 S9 l: z) `
公仔箱論壇5 h2 N* J2 S' U5 \9 M/ [# z

" h! F2 F! f8 A, C+ b! c
• Mt. Apowww2.tvboxnow.com& m0 l, H* U4 x2 K
Of course, if you like mountain climbing, you should not miss out on this stratovolcano which happens to be the tallest mountain in the Philippines.
4 y2 c- A/ c* T6 V( q$ h! L0 b公仔箱論壇• Davao Museumwww2.tvboxnow.com; N1 b# |8 u% E) a) U2 M
Located at the Insular Village in Lanang, the Davao Museum is where you can find the rich cultural history of the city preserved in one place. You will see ethnographical and archaeological collections gathered from the Mandaya, Bagobo, Manobo, Mansaka, B’laan and Tiboli tribes.TVBNOW 含有熱門話題,最新最快電視,軟體,遊戲,電影,動漫及日常生活及興趣交流等資訊。1 y& A) Z, B& j5 }. s" p8 }
• Lanzones, Mangosteen and Durian公仔箱論壇, ~' s, J( V4 ?! q, ]2 u
Never leave Davao without tasting these heavenly fruits! It might be important to say though that not everyone will love Durian because of its smell, but if you can, just hold your breath so you can sample this great-tasting fruit.TVBNOW 含有熱門話題,最新最快電視,軟體,遊戲,電影,動漫及日常生活及興趣交流等資訊。' S% V: r0 g( `- M; B  Z: ?
• Sul Orchids Farm
/ S, b( o0 z& P( Z, H+ v5 j; iDavao has several orchid farms and among the most popular is the Sul Orchids Farm located at Luzviminda Village in Ma-a. Here you will find the most beautiful orchids which Davao is actually quite famous for. You can also choose to purchase some, if you like.: p/ t% D: Q7 y0 S1 q. Q! T/ x
• Shoppingwww2.tvboxnow.com. `, x7 g; m0 m+ P2 s% E
The Gaisano Mall or G-Mall is a really big mall, and it is 6 floors high. There you can find anything and everything you want for clothes, accessories, electronics, and food.
0 c( f. d! D5 I% Z& v/ h
7 @: P& [. \& s8 h" ?2 N  ]) z2 VTVBNOW 含有熱門話題,最新最快電視,軟體,遊戲,電影,動漫及日常生活及興趣交流等資訊。Stay Away From7 k; [' w, D. B
Well, there are not that many crimes in Davao since authorities always ensure the safety of its locals and visitors. It is in fact one of the safest places in the country.
- n3 L- I5 f( W公仔箱論壇On the other hand, you need to be aware of the fact that Davao is a smoke-free city so smoking in public places can really get you in trouble. And they also prohibit the use of firecrackers even during special holidays such as Christmas and New Year.5 c7 U5 B. D' N; s4 ^; n

% ^. v6 W! T& s2 |www2.tvboxnow.comGetting There
. ?" m: \0 S( R/ ~/ ^! tYou can get to Davao by air, land and sea. For air travel, you get the advantage of having a wide choice of entry points because Davao already has an International Airport. You can get there from Singapore (SilkAir), Macau (Viva Macau), Darwin (Air Frontier), Seoul (Asiana) and many more. For domestic air travel, you can catch a flight from Manila, Zamboanga, and Cebu via PAL or Cebu Pacific; there are also smaller planes which can take you to Davao from other cities.
" ^+ W, e6 K6 W/ r0 w: R- z3 w公仔箱論壇Sea travel would get people to Davao from Cebu and Manila, and a few other major cities in the country. It is usually an overnight trip to get there.
) Q4 o+ _7 |6 j5 h0 j) F! Owww2.tvboxnow.comLand travel is especially advisable for travelers who are currently in Mindanao. You can get there from Cagayan, Iligan, Bukidnon, and Zamboanga by bus. You can even get there from Manila by taking the PhilTranco buses, it is going to be a long trip but it’s the scenic route to Davao.
% j' R' b: X/ [( Htvb now,tvbnow,bttvb

Bus Name




Bachelor Bus Lines24 hours daily(via DAVAO to PANABO) tvb now,tvbnow,bttvb) Q8 Q3 L: H8 Z9 E
Deluxe – Php 43.00$ Y( F; k& \7 M
Aircon – Php 52.00
0 c9 _- T' R; I' U1 mTVBNOW 含有熱門話題,最新最快電視,軟體,遊戲,電影,動漫及日常生活及興趣交流等資訊。
Tel. no.+ Z/ u% W7 D) ]* B' i& ]
244 – 0637
Weena Bus LineD eluxe: 1:30 am公仔箱論壇2 ?! P! T0 O6 b3 p
Aircon: 4:30 am
(via DAVAO to COTABATO) TVBNOW 含有熱門話題,最新最快電視,軟體,遊戲,電影,動漫及日常生活及興趣交流等資訊。( F0 W6 f/ b! b
Deluxe – Php 294.00www2.tvboxnow.com( C- H" N. B6 n( C1 M
Aircon – Php 339.00
: N6 N/ {: c7 ?7 E/ I5 }
Tel. no. 公仔箱論壇3 h) F5 `3 N0 T" t! Y/ B
244-7734/TVBNOW 含有熱門話題,最新最快電視,軟體,遊戲,電影,動漫及日常生活及興趣交流等資訊。% Z/ n0 R( g" U; \+ B
249 -0033/
( B# N' K0 L* j4 \6 L; y9 Nwww2.tvboxnow.com249 -0034
Holiday BusDeluxe:
$ |5 H3 d' x) q, W8 z0 @2 U1st trip – 3:00 am
# |- m0 z/ d1 S2nd trip- 12:00 md tvb now,tvbnow,bttvb* d( }7 I' Q; z9 n. x" \* ?* O- b
Aircon:tvb now,tvbnow,bttvb9 h& q! r6 |; {4 u
1st trip – 4:00amtvb now,tvbnow,bttvb8 s/ Z, g/ X* ]% x4 M
2nd trip – 6:00 pm
# l, h- E& I6 _0 ?5 atvb now,tvbnow,bttvb
(via DAVAO to GENERAL SANTOS) 公仔箱論壇1 ?- r% q2 i) W6 S3 ]: }: H
Deluxe – Php 100.00TVBNOW 含有熱門話題,最新最快電視,軟體,遊戲,電影,動漫及日常生活及興趣交流等資訊。; p0 J" [$ v( p9 g9 q% Z- T
Aircon – Php 140.002 N' e% M/ J5 A+ g
Tel. no.
  i" ?, ^8 E3 N+ E2 Y7 iTVBNOW 含有熱門話題,最新最快電視,軟體,遊戲,電影,動漫及日常生活及興趣交流等資訊。222 – 3375
Davao Metro ShuttleDeluxe:
& z% W* E+ P+ ?# b& f6 N1st trip – 4:30 am. U7 K" |$ I; w* N" G9 e& E0 ?
2nd trip- 10:45 pm
& p/ |" {# K# k8 N$ w" `- ctvb now,tvbnow,bttvbAircon:公仔箱論壇* g2 ~% l: j0 T0 i2 I
1st trip – 6:00am5 a. r1 F% e! m5 `) N: J$ z
2nd trip – 10:40 pmTVBNOW 含有熱門話題,最新最快電視,軟體,遊戲,電影,動漫及日常生活及興趣交流等資訊。4 f; q. N  V; }7 Q" ^; i( e
: [0 ]. C+ ?& S& u1 M  j$ JTVBNOW 含有熱門話題,最新最快電視,軟體,遊戲,電影,動漫及日常生活及興趣交流等資訊。Deluxe – Php 43.00
2 B, [3 U# p' J9 [tvb now,tvbnow,bttvbAircon – Php 47.00
1 a/ h* I+ e, m5 N2 ]www2.tvboxnow.com
Tel. no. TVBNOW 含有熱門話題,最新最快電視,軟體,遊戲,電影,動漫及日常生活及興趣交流等資訊。+ o0 S! O. m  n/ O
296 -0870
2 R2 d& B- _. f- I299- 2961TVBNOW 含有熱門話題,最新最快電視,軟體,遊戲,電影,動漫及日常生活及興趣交流等資訊。; n/ ~* v- v( o0 {+ `
Yellow Bus LinesDeluxe: 4:00amTVBNOW 含有熱門話題,最新最快電視,軟體,遊戲,電影,動漫及日常生活及興趣交流等資訊。, i3 u- A5 t; P. w6 ^, m
Aircon: 1:30 am
(via DAVAO to COTABATO) tvb now,tvbnow,bttvb, ]* g' l( u5 K8 }; z
Deluxe – Php 100.00
0 i$ g' Y% _+ U$ |  e# F$ y' f# B. Hwww2.tvboxnow.comAircon – Php 165.00
0 }  y/ B% w1 `  n8 s, ~6 f* C; ^tvb now,tvbnow,bttvb
Tel. no.
( y( j  A  d0 nwww2.tvboxnow.com297 – 6873
PhiltrancoDeluxe: 3:00 am
8 P0 ~. }" A) l6 @4 {; ~- {Aircon: 5:00 am


Deluxe – Php 1,800.00++tvb now,tvbnow,bttvb9 J8 @& {* m( S- R3 S8 t( L
Aircon – Php 2,200.00++www2.tvboxnow.com: A4 m7 G5 V* b
Tel. no.公仔箱論壇- B/ O+ S9 {& G# q8 D$ y8 b8 u

6 [* m6 U% t- htvb now,tvbnow,bttvb

Airline Name




Air PhilippinesDomestic:
7 s6 S- L0 A3 q2 D1 d& Stvb now,tvbnow,bttvbManila to Davao
$ B3 y: O) b: |www2.tvboxnow.com1st flight :7:30 a.mtvb now,tvbnow,bttvb+ B) d+ o+ m) _% m& A( ]
2nd flight:2:00 p.m
  H0 T; l4 u8 u1 ^/ U3 t) iTVBNOW 含有熱門話題,最新最快電視,軟體,遊戲,電影,動漫及日常生活及興趣交流等資訊。Davao to Manila
8 q# z' R' t  `! F; y2 l( ?" q公仔箱論壇1st flight:9:40 a.mTVBNOW 含有熱門話題,最新最快電視,軟體,遊戲,電影,動漫及日常生活及興趣交流等資訊。# J* K, M1 Y& P0 Y
2nd Flight :7:15p.m
Manila to Davao:
7 R& S% J2 a8 {( Z6 RPhp 5,733
( p7 j! a: e- B4 [# ^: B; `& K; o" T公仔箱論壇Davao to Manila:
' R7 Q; s& V- f, P; t3 m! |公仔箱論壇Php5,749
Tel nos
2 N1 C: X! i# ~, p9 |: k! kTVBNOW 含有熱門話題,最新最快電視,軟體,遊戲,電影,動漫及日常生活及興趣交流等資訊。234-2759
2 ], p# s& n2 g/ K" o8 N1 O) A, _; O234-2969
$ Y/ J9 `* _0 rWebsite:[url]www.airphils.com[/url]
Cebu PacificDomestic:tvb now,tvbnow,bttvb- W; c" E- h  `
Manila to Davaowww2.tvboxnow.com# y5 W# n2 }( R: z0 {$ b$ S" W
1st flight: 7:20 a.m.
! s. C8 g  L6 I. }公仔箱論壇2nd flight: 12:30 nn.
( \$ L+ l1 |8 m( y8 I' ntvb now,tvbnow,bttvb3rd flight: 2:40 p.m.公仔箱論壇; @9 G" V4 j+ R/ |( J2 U4 i
4th flight: 6:10 p.m.) Z* ~- k  M. Q. {5 ]* T/ y6 m
5th flight: 9:40 p.m.1 q9 r. `6 r: ]- X
Davao to Manila  _& L% ~" V& K
1st flight: 5:05 a.m.公仔箱論壇2 y1 x- Q5 x# \
2nd flight: 10:15 a.m.公仔箱論壇8 |8 L$ H/ K) f
3rd flight: 12:25 nn.
* `' V, l9 B  Q公仔箱論壇4th flight: 3:55 p.m.
  ?5 C6 E* J) H" A5th flight: 7:25 p.m.
% K  N4 t- E6 p6 ~5 j: T' k$ }International:
: b. j" H, i1 hTVBNOW 含有熱門話題,最新最快電視,軟體,遊戲,電影,動漫及日常生活及興趣交流等資訊。Davao-Cebu-Hongkong! x6 j7 q# T. }0 D% s- z6 I
1st flight: 5:50 a.m.公仔箱論壇* ?. n8 F! O* ?- Z6 `2 R& E
; ~; N; k; L$ l( ZTVBNOW 含有熱門話題,最新最快電視,軟體,遊戲,電影,動漫及日常生活及興趣交流等資訊。1st flight: 5:50 a.m.
7 M& b, c# n. B9 Y: mwww2.tvboxnow.comDavao-Manila-Bangkok
- _+ r0 e+ l" k+ w5 q1 N! g4 @6 q+ _TVBNOW 含有熱門話題,最新最快電視,軟體,遊戲,電影,動漫及日常生活及興趣交流等資訊。1st flight: 7:25 a.m.TVBNOW 含有熱門話題,最新最快電視,軟體,遊戲,電影,動漫及日常生活及興趣交流等資訊。# B7 [+ ~3 K. t: ^$ `4 M
2nd flight: 12:30 n.
( J  S) k( q6 M. d  I! j公仔箱論壇3rd flight: 2:40 p.m.$ D4 w2 E" V7 s4 }/ }4 N
4th flight: 6:10 p.m.
7 l4 `9 V/ Z, m7 S+ btvb now,tvbnow,bttvb5th flight: 9:45 p.m.
, @- y4 r" k5 B7 s8 Wwww2.tvboxnow.com
Manila to Davao
0 k% a" A# i; |公仔箱論壇Lowest Rate:
0 N: L& t) C1 ]# I1 W1 M  rtvb now,tvbnow,bttvbPhp 2395tvb now,tvbnow,bttvb) H% [! L6 m+ x7 P
Davao to Manila公仔箱論壇0 s5 F0 s: i" `, A
Lowest Rate
/ ~- }, t' F; Q! u" n" M; e& \( _Php 2412
* ^. m. z& n4 w; T; Y4 dTVBNOW 含有熱門話題,最新最快電視,軟體,遊戲,電影,動漫及日常生活及興趣交流等資訊。Roundtrip:
% o- q9 v/ t" a' S% h  W3 UPhp 10226++
7 p; k1 O- @5 o3 l" kRoundtrip:
! k, e! ~  k0 c1 o7 K1 }9 o" A% A- H5 m公仔箱論壇Php 11,200++2 V7 U- z5 W" ~0 Y
" a$ K# h3 p* ]& kwww2.tvboxnow.comPhp 9239++tvb now,tvbnow,bttvb( O% B9 Y! U9 E) p1 q# K5 b
Ticketing Office: TVBNOW 含有熱門話題,最新最快電視,軟體,遊戲,電影,動漫及日常生活及興趣交流等資訊。; s8 e6 c& t( R# X  b7 |
" s5 L) b# i8 s& b7 w6 l5 r- {% qScheduling office:
# e0 d  }$ D& N, T2 u/ B; o* E2348631$ W- S6 i$ g, M/ E: _, H1 |2 a6 u
2253246tvb now,tvbnow,bttvb; s( b, k3 l% v0 S' }
Website: www.cebupacificair.com
  l/ L  E6 F; S( Ntvb now,tvbnow,bttvb
SilkAirInternational:tvb now,tvbnow,bttvb) X$ o$ S' Z- T' p5 X' \
Davao-Singapore5 u! {  q; X. k/ n3 d: ?
1st flight: 11:35 a.m.
1 U* B, w  T" v0 I5 ~  y( g公仔箱論壇2nd flight: 3:15 p.m.
Round Trip:公仔箱論壇) p+ ?7 [: s6 ]  g2 R5 Y* `3 g* W! ~% k
Business Class:
4 x$ B; k8 E" n1 HTVBNOW 含有熱門話題,最新最快電視,軟體,遊戲,電影,動漫及日常生活及興趣交流等資訊。Php 41,000++
0 W: {: C" m% @" @. C3 {TVBNOW 含有熱門話題,最新最快電視,軟體,遊戲,電影,動漫及日常生活及興趣交流等資訊。Economy Class:TVBNOW 含有熱門話題,最新最快電視,軟體,遊戲,電影,動漫及日常生活及興趣交流等資訊。+ v4 }, Q3 Y6 U) `* v
Php 19,000++
Tel nos.# B! P" H& E) I/ ?
2211039 6 A) }# m' _$ U/ r4 x
/ d. h3 t1 @# u- W' ]www.SilkAir.com
9 R/ K/ I  K( V: i% Stvb now,tvbnow,bttvb
Philippine AirlinesDomestic:
2 W& T" r6 j0 Z: W5 x  CTVBNOW 含有熱門話題,最新最快電視,軟體,遊戲,電影,動漫及日常生活及興趣交流等資訊。1st flight+ W) X4 x0 D3 T, h; n
2nd flight
. X" G+ t# t/ F: G; B8 z8 ^9 x+ ~' NInternational:
) K3 K# `2 N% R& F! x5 ?: [1st flightTVBNOW 含有熱門話題,最新最快電視,軟體,遊戲,電影,動漫及日常生活及興趣交流等資訊。  S. M# Y  g3 J2 G$ _
2nd flight
Tel nos.
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